Chest of Drawers – Add Elegance to Your Home

Chest of Drawers – Add Elegance to Your Home

A chest of drawers is known as a wardrobe, and is a type of closet that has many vertical, flat drawers usually arranged in a straight line one above another. Chest of drawers used to be common place in a typical American bedroom, but as bedrooms have become more individualized, they have been left out and replaced with desks and other home furniture. Although they can still be found in some homes, their main usage has been as a piece of furniture for the bedroom.

A chest of drawers is conventionally used to store clothes such as socks, underwear and other garments that are not usually hung or displayed in the closet. You will often find them in bachelor pads and early homes where the male occupant would have his own bedroom. These are also commonly found in offices. If you have a home office, you may want to make space for a chest of drawers as it is a great way to display clothes for easy access.

These days you can get a chest of drawers in just about any color or finish and they are becoming very popular among people who like to “dress up” their home. Dining rooms have drawers with a mirrored finish that look extremely elegant. There are many different styles of chests of drawers and the styles have changed over the years as well. Traditionally, chest of drawers were made of wood, but in today’s world, they can be made of glass or even metal.

One of the best places to purchase this type of furniture is the Internet as it is usually cheaper than buying in a brick and mortar store. When looking online, you need to make sure that you are able to view all the available space because it can get very confusing. You will also need to ensure that you are purchasing the right size for your home and the needs that you have. Another great place to shop for chest of drawers is to go to second hand furniture stores. These stores usually have very nice furniture at a reduced price and they are a great place to find quality furniture at a great price. Before making a purchase, it is important to take all your measurements so that you know that you are purchasing the right size.

There are different styles of chest of drawers and some of the most common ones are the traditional, two-drawer, wide and waist-high chests. The two-drawer chests of drawers allow more room in between the drawers for clothing, linens and other smaller items that need to be stored. Wide chests of drawers will allow you to store more than just clothing, they will also allow you to store a hamper or even a curio cabinet if you wish. Some of the most popular styles of wide chests of drawers include those made from solid wood like oak, maple, beech and pine.

Narrow chests of drawers will allow you to save space in your bedroom or even your bathroom by only adding a small storage area, but they are also usually cheaper compared to the wide chests of drawers. They are a great addition to the bedroom as they make an excellent storage chest for any bedroom items that you need to store on a daily basis. You will have complete control over how much storage is placed inside the chest of drawers and some of them even have a door built in. This type of chest of drawers will add a touch of elegance to any room in your home and they are usually the focal point of a bedroom.

Why Do You Need a Room Divider?

Why Do You Need a Room Divider?

A room divider is a must-have, if you own a house. The question should be how to maximize your space with it. The type of the house and the usage needs determine the type of room dividers to install. The categories include wall-mount partitions, freestanding full-room dividers, display partitions and partition panels. Enjoy the economy of space in the world of contemporary room dividers. There is an array of benefits to derive from dividers Let’s delve into a few.

  • To Optimize Room Usage

Due to the high construction cost, people prefer moderate structures that meet the family needs. Room dividers come in handy to reduce building expenses further compared to house expansion. You can partition a living room to get a meeting space, study section and working area achieving privacy and autonomy. Built-in room dividers cater for, otherwise, outdoor activities such as entertainment, gym and hobbies.

  • Flexibility in Uncertainties

We are living in a challenging world where owning permanent structure may not always make sense. Employment dynamics may call for relocation and as such, movement may be easier when you have room dividers. It is easier to unmount the dividers and settle at a new premise than begin from zero as you seek for a house buyer.

  • Elegance with Diversity

<p>Viewing a static indoor configuration every morning before work is boring. Therefore, there’s need to go for dividers than fixed walls. You enjoy the freedom to select a new design at will to keep in step with the fashion trends. You can change colors and themes to match seasons and moods.</p>

  • Sound Cancellation

Room dividers enable us to create many separate spaces and the challenge of noise may be one of the reasons for partitioning. The manufacturers have incorporated sound buffering fabric onto the room dividers to curb noise. Consider the level of noise and buy dividers that are covered in a fabric that is equal to the task.

  • Learning and Projects

Designers have developed portable dry erase partitions for presentations and other displays. They are perfect with projectors and all learning gadgetry. As a professional, you need dry erase dividers for personal and group activities.

  • Final Remarks

Install room dividers to save space in your house while achieving multipurpose usage. The quality of material and number of dividers will define your budget for spacing your room. See what Tylko has to say on room dividers here: (

Choosing The Perfect Chest Of Drawers

Choosing The Perfect Chest Of Drawers

Chests of drawers are considered a staple of almost every new age household particularly as a core element of any interior design style of a bedroom. It is termed as a focal piece of furniture that helps uplift the interior style while saving on space making it a crucial addition, especially to smaller rooms. Their use is at times complemented by decors such as bedside tables and dressing tables. You can opt to customize a design to suit your living space or rather meet your storage space needs.

Chest of Drawers Types

There are a couple of styles to chose from and also, there is a myriad of factors that might influence your choice while making a purchase. We take an in-depth look at some of the listed below;

  • Types of design
  • Space
  • Storage
  • Height
  • Materials

Types of Design

There are numerous designs and some include;

  • Vertical chest drawers
  • Tallboy chest
  • Gentleman’s Chest
  • Bachelor’s chest
  • Media chest

A vertical chest of drawers is narrow and tall storage pieces ideal for clothes storage while a tallboy chest is a much taller and narrow version of the latter. Typically, it is ideal for the storage of undergarments and jewelry. As for a gentleman’s chest, it contains both wardrobe doors and a set of drawers making it suitable for hanging cardigans and jackets among other clothes. A bachelor’s chest has three to four drawers and it is suitable for a single person because of limited storage space options. A media chest has an open-top making it ideal not only for clothing storage but also for living rooms as an entertainment center.


Interior design professionals always recommend that a chest of drawers is more suited against a wall. Alternatively, in large rooms or dwelling spaces, they can be used to divide the space. It is important to measure the room space before buying a chest of drawers to ensure that it fits perfectly.


The primary use of a chest of drawers is to store clothing. It is, therefore, necessary to know the amount of storage space you need before customizing or buying a chest of drawers.


Accessibility and comfort are key factors that you need to consider. They are what make it easy to access the contents within the drawers. If the height is too much, then you might struggle to either put or get out the contents from the top-most drawers. There are more tips and reviews of chest of drawers on Tylko’s blog that you can read through here (

Chest of Drawers – Ideal For Storing Office Supplies

Chest of Drawers – Ideal For Storing Office Supplies

A chest of drawers, more commonly known as (in US English), a wardrobe or a cupboard, is a kind of furniture (a single piece of furniture) with multiple horizontal drawers that are usually stacked one over the other. These types of chests of drawers are found in modern furniture making as well as in antique furniture. A chest of drawers can be found in almost any bedroom furniture as well as in other furniture pieces. The size of the drawers and the number of drawers are the two determining factors in the size of the chest of drawers.

This kind of furniture is commonly found in offices and in high-end homes. For example, in an office, a chest of drawers would be placed in the corner of a large room to store office supplies and other items. It is ideal for such corner furniture as office desks, computer tables and other similar small-sized furniture pieces. They make good additions to any home’s interior since they provide good storage space and also enhance the look of the interior.

In case of high-end homes, dressers and chests of drawers may be positioned in every bedroom. A chest of drawers is also perfect for keeping linens, towels, bed sheets, etc. In addition, it is ideal for storing other small but useful items, such as socks, handkerchiefs, hair dryers and other accessories. Since chests of drawers can have multiple drawers and are typically very tall, they make good storage options for floor-to-ceiling shelves. However, you need to make sure that you position the chest correctly so that the items you want to place inside it will not bump into each other.

If you have kids at home, then a chest of drawers can serve as an ideal furniture piece for them as well. There are many kids’ varieties of furniture that you can purchase. You can get dresser and chest of drawers sets which include a dresser and a nightstand, or you can buy separate furniture pieces for your children. When choosing furniture items for kids, make sure that they are durable and appropriate for their growing bodies. This will ensure that your furniture pieces will last for years.

Another advantage of buying a chest of drawers and using it as a storage unit is that they are perfect for when you are on the move. If you need to stay at a hotel, then you can always lock your drawers to ensure your privacy. Also, if you have some valuable items at home, then you can opt for a Cheval style bureau where you can hide these items. Cheval drawers are stylish and classy furniture pieces, especially used in traditional families. Even though there are many types of drawer available today, those who prefer to use furniture made of wood have been known to pick the Cheval collection because of the durability and beauty it brings.

When making the decision of purchasing a chest of drawers for your home, whether in the living room, bedroom, kid’s bedroom, or even office, it is important to consider several factors such as the material the furniture is made of, the size of the furniture piece, and its color. These factors will all help you in determining how you can accentuate the furniture and enhance its overall appearance. If you are on a tight budget, then you can always go for a simple, solid-colored wooden chest of drawers. If you are on the lookout for something fancy, then an elegant and heavily embellished chest of drawers is what you are looking for.