Choosing The Perfect Chest Of Drawers

Chests of drawers are considered a staple of almost every new age household particularly as a core element of any interior design style of a bedroom. It is termed as a focal piece of furniture that helps uplift the interior style while saving on space making it a crucial addition, especially to smaller rooms. Their use is at times complemented by decors such as bedside tables and dressing tables. You can opt to customize a design to suit your living space or rather meet your storage space needs.

Chest of Drawers Types

There are a couple of styles to chose from and also, there is a myriad of factors that might influence your choice while making a purchase. We take an in-depth look at some of the listed below;

  • Types of design
  • Space
  • Storage
  • Height
  • Materials

Types of Design

There are numerous designs and some include;

  • Vertical chest drawers
  • Tallboy chest
  • Gentleman’s Chest
  • Bachelor’s chest
  • Media chest

A vertical chest of drawers is narrow and tall storage pieces ideal for clothes storage while a tallboy chest is a much taller and narrow version of the latter. Typically, it is ideal for the storage of undergarments and jewelry. As for a gentleman’s chest, it contains both wardrobe doors and a set of drawers making it suitable for hanging cardigans and jackets among other clothes. A bachelor’s chest has three to four drawers and it is suitable for a single person because of limited storage space options. A media chest has an open-top making it ideal not only for clothing storage but also for living rooms as an entertainment center.


Interior design professionals always recommend that a chest of drawers is more suited against a wall. Alternatively, in large rooms or dwelling spaces, they can be used to divide the space. It is important to measure the room space before buying a chest of drawers to ensure that it fits perfectly.


The primary use of a chest of drawers is to store clothing. It is, therefore, necessary to know the amount of storage space you need before customizing or buying a chest of drawers.


Accessibility and comfort are key factors that you need to consider. They are what make it easy to access the contents within the drawers. If the height is too much, then you might struggle to either put or get out the contents from the top-most drawers. There are more tips and reviews of chest of drawers on Tylko’s blog that you can read through here (